What are Sport Cards Group Breaks and Razzes?

  What are Sport Cards Group Breaks?


This is the actual “occasion” where the host (breaker) breaks the sealed box(s) or case(s) and opens the packs for those who bought a spot in the Group Break.

Group Breaking

Numerous individuals purchase spots, also referred to as a slot in the US, to help reduce the cost of the hobby box or case (group of sealed hobby boxes) purchased by the host (AKA Breaker).

Tiered Team Group Breaking

This is the same as group breaking, but instead of getting 1 team for your 1 spot, you may get more teams that are ranked by the host (breaker). An example of this style is a 3 tiered team break, you buy 1 spot at a slightly higher price, but you get one of the good teams, one of the second best teams and one of the third teams. The host sorts the team tiers by looking at the quality of players from each team and the card hits that could come from the box(s) or case(s).

There is nothing worse than buying into a random break and not getting a good team, so we have chosen to do tiered team breaks at Kaboom Cards. For a small increase of cost, you have a chance of a good team to a really good team as the probability has increased due to fewer combination of random chance, this results in a better chance of quality player cards.

Pictured below is an example of our 3 Tier NBA Prizm Retail spot combinations.

 What are Sport Cards Razzes?

 A ‘razz’ is basically a sports card raffle, similar to breaks where you pay an entry fee and one person has the chance of winning a single card. This can significantly reduce the cost of buying a single card, but there is a high chance of going hit-less (skunking). We would list an item (probably a graded card) for participants to win and you would buy a spot. Each spot would be an entry and one spot would be the winner after a randomiser (random.org).

There are minor variations to a razz, but typically we would list the price & card, then divide it by the number of spots available e.g.10 spots @ $15 each for a graded rookie silver card or 30 spots for a top end graded rookie card @ $15 each. 

Before a razz begins, a pair of dice is rolled to predetermine how many times the participant list randomised. Then the list of names is rolled and the persons name on top of the list wins the card.