AUSTRALIAN GROUP BREAK (6 SPOTS LEFT - 30 Spots) 2020 Topps Series 2 MLB Baseball Hobby Box

AUSTRALIAN GROUP BREAK (6 SPOTS LEFT - 30 Spots) 2020 Topps Series 2 MLB Baseball Hobby Box

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2020 Topps Series 2 MLB Baseball Hobby Box (1 Box Live Random 30 Spot Group Break)



Group Break Common Questions:

Q1. Will you receive all of the cards or just the hits?

You will receive all the cards that your teams get.

Q2. What do we consider a hit? 

We consider auto's, rookies and colour variations of rookies good hits.

Q3. Will you receive any inserts?

Yes all that are from your teams

Q4. What happens to cards with multiple players from different teams?

The card will go to the team that is printed on it, jerseys in pictures will not be considered as the team.

Q5. Do I have to pay for shipping?

Yes you will accept this during checkout.

Q6. How will my cards be mailed? Top loaders, magnetic cases or sleeves?

I will ship all cards the day after the break. Autographs, rookie hits, and parallels will be in top loaders and/or placed in team bags. Base cards and base rookies not considered hits will be protected by top loaders in team bags.

Q7. How long will it take to receive my cards?

It will depend on your location and the carrier, it is out of our hands once processed at the LPO.

Q8. What happens if I don’t get a hit in the break?

You will receive all base, base rookies, inserts for your team, there are no hit-less (skunk) bonuses for this group break.

Q9. How is the price of each team spot determined?

The overall hobby box price, then divided by 30 spots (30 teams in the MLB) processing and random generation.




You are not buying the whole box, a case, or packs of cards.

Failure to read the description falls upon the buyer not the seller (Kaboom Cards).

There is NO guarantee that any specific team or player will come from this group break. It relies on the chance of players and teams which comes from the box make up.

We only list teams/players/spots that are available in the product, listed in the title.

Manufacturers do not guarantee teams or player will be present in a box or case of cards so we cannot either.

This break will happen on a Friday night, 6pm GMT +8 hours (Perth, Western Australia time) when all spots have been purchased.

This is for a random team of one of the hottest soccer releases - 2019/20 Chronicles TMall. You are buying ONE spot in a 30 spot random team break. You have accepted our team structuring which is pictured in the photos for this break. When you purchase a spot in this group break, you accept this.

How do I know what teams I have?

When you buy 1 of the 30 spots, your name will be put on a list. Once all spots are sold, we will random (using all 30 team spots. Every spot is good for 1 team, teams will be placed in random generator software live.

You can watch your breaks live on our Instagram Page or after on our Instagram Channel.


Live Feed:

Channel Videos:

This is a Group Break. You are not buying a box or case of cards. Please read the  description carefully, especially if you are new to group breaks.

We cannot guarantee a Panini card of your favourite player is in this box.


We expect payment before each break.

If payment is not made before the break occurs, your spot will be cancelled, and we will either resell the spot or keep the cards. 

What happens if no cards have my team on them?

If your team is not found in the hobby box do not worry! I will still send you random cards so that you take home something.


I will ship all cards the mail day after the break, this will be during the business week (Monday-Friday).

Autographs, rookies, and selected parallels will be in top loaders and/or placed in team bags.

Base cards will be in team bags.